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Together We Can Drive The Economy Through Small Business Development
We specialise in providing comprehensive consulting services to businesses excited about the potential of ESD opportunities. Join hands with VuMaLi today, and together, we can build a brighter future for your business and the communities you serve.

Your Gateway to Sustainable Growth

Helping Your Business Become a Key Driver for Enterprise Development
Our tailored consulting solutions and innovative strategies are designed to enhance your organisation’s potential for sustainable success. Given the challenges that businesses face when it comes to accessing financial and non-financial support, we will help you navigate the intricate landscape of ESD funding and support, from identifying suitable funding options to crafting compelling proposals that showcase your unique vision. We believe that every business is different, and your success story should reflect your individuality. Unlock the following services to drive transformation and growth.

Custom ESD Strategy Design

Unlock growth potential with our ESD strategy design services geared to meet your social responsibility objectives and empower your business for sustainable success.

ESD Strategy Implementation and Monitoring

Maximise ESD funding impact with seamless strategy implementation and monitoring. Achieve your goals, track progress, and prosper in South Africa's dynamic business landscape.

ESD Reporting for Desirable BBBEE Scores

Streamline BBBEE scoring with our comprehensive ESD reporting services. Stay compliant, enhance your rating, and open doors to new opportunities in South Africa.

Entrepreneur Development, Mentoring and Support

We nurture the entrepreneurial journey with personalised mentoring and support so young businesses can overcome challenges and thrive with our expert guidance and resources.

Preparing Small Businesses for the Global Stage

We consult with small local businesses to gauge their needs and match them with a suitable corporate funder, giving them a fair chance to thrive both locally and internationally.