Passionate About Powerful Business Relationships

We See Growth & Diversity As Part Of Our Future. Do You?

VuMaLi Empowerment Advisors is a 100% women-owned company dedicated to driving positive change in South Africa’s business landscape. We believe that small businesses are the future, and by empowering them, we can build a thriving and more inclusive economy for all.

VuMaLi’s Story

Who We Are & What We Stand For

Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gap between corporates and aspiring small businesses, creating a powerful symbiotic relationship that fosters growth and opportunity. Seeing the challenges small businesses faced in accessing the support, we set out to be the bridge that connects them with forward-thinking corporates willing to invest in their success. Our approach is centred around sustainability, impact, and collaboration to uplift entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. We strive to align business support initiatives with small businesses that share the same values and can benefit from the partnership.

Transparency, integrity, and trust are the foundational principles of our operations. We cultivate transparent and honest relationships with all our stakeholders, ensuring that each partnership is built on mutual respect and shared values.

Our Vision: To be a prominent driver of economic growth and development through Entrepreneur Development Advisory.

Our Mission: To build our corporate brand, drive socio-economic development and showcase local small businesses to the world!

Our Values

The Advisors Behind Your Success

Leading With Vision

Our founder, Vuyo Ncwaiba, is a visionary entrepreneur and compassionate leader committed to catalysing meaningful change in the business landscape. In 2007, she began VuMaLi. Vuyo’s ambitious goal is to empower 60 entrepreneurs by the time she reaches the age of 60, empowering them to unleash their full potential. She is also a mother of three and a dedicated part-time commissioner at the International Trade and Investment Commission.

Vuyo embodies the spirit of an exemplary entrepreneur with a global perspective. Her aspirations extend beyond borders, as she seeks to take VuMaLi to the international stage. Through compassionate leadership, she leads our team towards recognising the indispensable role of empathy and diversity in driving transformative change.

Let's collaborate, uplift, and create a thriving ecosystem that benefits us all.

Contact us today to explore how you, as a big enterprise owner or entrepreneur, can ignite the spark of success, driving positive change in our society.