Connecting Corporates With
Small Business

Unlocking Socioeconomic Growth Through Corporate Support

Welcome to VuMaLi Empowerment Advisors, your trusted partner for small business development in South Africa. Owned and managed by black women, we envision vibrant communities by directing corporate social responsibility towards empowering small businesses ‒ the backbone of our economy.

Big Change Happens
In Small Ways

As a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to bridging the gap between visionary small businesses and forward-thinking corporates, facilitating a symbiotic relationship that propels both parties to new heights. We’re on a mission to empower small businesses by connecting them with corporate support opportunities, fueling their ambitions, and unlocking their true potential. 

If you are a corporation looking to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial landscape or a small business seeking to achieve your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. Join us in creating a thriving ecosystem where aspirations become achievements, and together, we’ll shape a brighter future for businesses of all sizes.

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve Sustainable Success

Directing Corporate Resources Where It Matters

Small businesses are the lifeblood of South Africa’s economy, and support initiatives not only help SMMEs flourish but also strengthen supply chains, leading to increased efficiency and competitiveness. Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) plays a crucial role in fostering sustainable economic growth and social responsibility. By investing in small businesses, corporates can contribute to community development while aligning with their own social responsibility obligations.

VuMaLi aims to bridge this gap. By directing resources towards ESD with our expert advice, business owners can directly empower entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable success and break free from the cycle of poverty. If you are a business owner, VuMaLi Empowerment Advisors can guide your company in strategising, sourcing, and supporting small businesses, creating meaningful partnerships for long-term growth. If you are an entrepreneur, we can pair you with the right corporation to invest in your business needs.

The VuMaLi Way

What we do

Helping Corporates Meet Social Responsibility Goals Position your brand as one that is blazing the trail and actively participates in community upliftment with our SMME-focused advisory services.

Bridging The Gap Between Big Companies & Entrepreneurs. Corporates have a responsibility to contribute to the communities in which they operate from community-expanded disposable income. We support you in a way that makes business sense.

Facilitating Transformation For A Healthier Economy Gain more BBBEE points by funding an SMME recommended by our advisory team and playing your part in driving economic growth for a diverse yet levelled playing field.

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community impact